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Author: Eleni Karatzia

poisoned Buzzard bearded vulture mojo netherlands necropsy Photo added for size comparison.

Necropsy unveils life and death of wild Bearded Vulture Mojo, killed by train in the Netherlands

Mojo, a female Bearded Vulture from the French Alps, made headlines when ...
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Preventing electrocution in Croatia © BIOM volunteers

Protecting Griffon Vultures from electrocution in Croatia

Electrocution on power grid pylons is posing a particularly grave danger to ...
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Bearded Vulture Carcass of Bearded Vulture killed in the Netherlands by train 3

Bearded Vulture Mojo killed today in the Netherlands by a train

Mojo, the first ever wild-hatched Bearded Vulture observed in the Netherlands, was ...
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Closeup during practical exam inspecting a trash bag © Vulture Conservation Foundation

Transforming conservation: Wildlife Crime Academy’s groundbreaking training raises the bar in wildlife crime prosecution

The fight against wildlife crime has reached new heights with the successful ...
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The Cinereous Egyptian and Griffon Vulture are breeding vulture species in France_Bruno Berthemy

Updates on breeding results from all four vulture species in France

Across France, the four vulture species – Bearded Vulture, Cinereous Vulture, Egyptian ...
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Griffon Vulture travels from Sardinia to Corsica

From Sardinia to Corsica: Griffon Vulture Caniga explores new territories

The female Griffon Vulture Caniga travelled from Sardinia to Corsica, enduring an ...
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Bearded Vulture chick taking a nap at Guadalentín © Hansruedi Weyrich

Hatching hope: A record-breaking Bearded Vulture captive breeding season

The Bearded Vulture breeding season of 2022/23 has been the most successful ...
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A Bearded Vulture nestling © Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Four Bearded Vulture chicks hatched in Austria: the first chick in East-Tyrol in 100 years

In Austria, there are good reasons to celebrate Bearded Vulture conservation. The ...
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State of the truck with the Griffon Vulture in the co-pilot sear after the collision © La Gaceta de Salamanca

Griffon Vulture collides with a truck and ends up in the co-pilot seat

A couple of weeks ago, a surprising story flooded the newspapers and ...
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Eglazine during one of her visits to the Netherlands © Ivonne Smit

From Germany to France: The new travels of Bearded Vulture Eglazine

The Bearded Vulture Eglazine, whose unusual dispersal habits have caught the attention ...
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Feeding Bearded Vulture chick BG1184 at Guadalentín © Hansruedi Weyrich

Updates from Guadalentín captive breeding centre: 8 Bearded Vulture chicks hatched this season!

The breeding season at the Bearded Vulture captive breeding centre of Guadalentín (CCG) is ...
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european vulture conference 2023 Abstract submission and registration now open

European Vulture Conference 2023: Abstract Submission and Registration now open!

We are thrilled to announce that abstract submission and registration for the European ...
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Griffon Vulture rescue in Paphos, Cyprus, on March 2023_Silvio Augusto Rusmigo

GPS Monitoring and Rescue Operation saves the life of a trapped Griffon Vulture in Cyprus

When the local population of a protected vulture species is on the ...
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Zimbro, the Cinereous Vulture released in Portugal on 21 March 2023 © Manuel Nunes

Meet Zimbro: The first Cinereous Vulture released within the LIFE Aegypius Return project

Can you imagine a better way to welcome spring than the release ...
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Morocco: will Griffon Vultures fledge in the wild this year?

Encouraging news from Morocco, as new Griffon Vultures (Gyps fulvus) pairs coming ...
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Cinereous Vulture Closeup

Back from extinction: First results from the Cinereous Vulture reintroduction and release programme in Bulgaria

A newly published article presents the historic reintroduction of the Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus) to Bulgaria. ...
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White-backed vulture Gyps africanus

Telemetry study reveals the challenges and possibilities of creating Vulture Safe Zones in Africa

Protected areas (PAs) are crucial tools for biodiversity conservation, and this is ...
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Life Aegypius Return_group photo at Herdade da Contenda

A new Cinereous Vulture breeding pair confirmed at Herdade da Contenda during the LIFE Aegypius Return auditor visit

For two days, partners of the LIFE Aegypius Return project gathered at Herdade da Contenda (Moura, ...
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Spanish Griffon Vultures arrived in Sardinia, in the quarantine aviary 

Restocking the Griffon Vulture guild in Sardinia: 12 juveniles from Spain have just arrived

Last week, 12 Griffon Vultures that hatched in the wild in Spain ...
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European Vulture Conference 2023 New Dates

New dates for the European Vulture Conference 2023

We are excited to announce that the European Vulture Conference 2023 has ...
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