Report a wildlife crime incident

Take action against wildlife crime to help us protect the Cinereous Vulture and other protected species

Unfortunately, wildlife crimes like illegal poisoning and shooting still threaten highly protected species like the Critically Endangered Cinereous Vulture in Portugal.

Combatting these crimes requires action from everyone, not just conservationists. It is important for the public to report any instances of wildlife crime, and for authorities to properly investigate, manage, and prosecute perpetrators. By reporting these crimes, we can protect our shared natural heritage and contribute to the preservation of protected and threatened species.

Possible types of wildlife crimes that may affect the Cinereous Vulture

Illegally shooting at or targeting the species with the intention to harm or kill

Poison baits prepared with pieces of meat or animal carcasses laced with toxic substances, like pesticides, in the countryside

Disturbance of nests or breeding birds

Dead animals like vultures, birds of prey, wolves, foxes, dogs or livestock, with dead insects surrounding them

Forest fires

How to report a wildlife crime incident?

Have you witnessed a wildlife crime incident or suspect someone of such illegal activities? Please take action!


Do contact your local law enforcement agency immediately to help save animals and bring the criminals responsible to justice.

Do provide as much information as possible to the authorities, such as the type of crime, the location, and a description of the perpetrators in case you have seen them.


Call the Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza (SEPRONA) at 976 711 409 / 915 241 400 or the Guardia Civil at 062


Call GNR/SEPNA at the phone line ‘SOS Ambiente e Território’ 808 200 520


Don't touch or go near any dead or alive animals that may be poisoned as you might be putting your health and the potential criminal investigation in jeopardy.

Don’t approach or confront the perpetrators. Your safety is essential, and you could also compromise the investigation.

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Silence is complicit. It is our civic duty to take action and help prevent further harm to wildlife populations. We urge you to act now! Please report any wildlife crime you witness or suspect to help stop illegal activities and save wildlife.

Wildlife crime is not only a conservation problem

Wildlife crime is a serious problem that can harm the environment, destroy habitats, disrupt ecosystems, and even cause some species to go extinct. But the harm caused by exploiting wildlife goes beyond that. It can put the safety and livelihoods of local communities at risk and even contribute to the spread of diseases and threaten public health. Essentially, wildlife crime can have a devastating impact on all aspects of human life.

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