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Tag: 2023-04

Bearded Vulture Carcass of Bearded Vulture killed in the Netherlands by train 3

Bearded Vulture Mojo killed today in the Netherlands by a train

Mojo, the first ever wild-hatched Bearded Vulture observed in the Netherlands, was ...
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Closeup during practical exam inspecting a trash bag © Vulture Conservation Foundation

Transforming conservation: Wildlife Crime Academy’s groundbreaking training raises the bar in wildlife crime prosecution

The fight against wildlife crime has reached new heights with the successful ...
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New project LIFE SUPport: Securing a future for Griffon Vultures in Croatia

A new project to strengthen the endangered Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus) population ...
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Registrations are open for the International Conference “Best practices for mitigating electrocution and collision risk” 

Collision and electrocution by power lines are among the main causes of ...
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The Cinereous Egyptian and Griffon Vulture are breeding vulture species in France_Bruno Berthemy

Updates on breeding results from all four vulture species in France

Across France, the four vulture species – Bearded Vulture, Cinereous Vulture, Egyptian ...
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Griffon Vulture travels from Sardinia to Corsica

From Sardinia to Corsica: Griffon Vulture Caniga explores new territories

The female Griffon Vulture Caniga travelled from Sardinia to Corsica, enduring an ...
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Bearded Vulture chick taking a nap at Guadalentín © Hansruedi Weyrich

Hatching hope: A record-breaking Bearded Vulture captive breeding season

The Bearded Vulture breeding season of 2022/23 has been the most successful ...
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State of the truck with the Griffon Vulture in the co-pilot sear after the collision © La Gaceta de Salamanca

Griffon Vulture collides with a truck and ends up in the co-pilot seat

A couple of weeks ago, a surprising story flooded the newspapers and ...
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Eglazine during one of her visits to the Netherlands © Ivonne Smit

From Germany to France: The new travels of Bearded Vulture Eglazine

The Bearded Vulture Eglazine, whose unusual dispersal habits have caught the attention ...
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