About us

About the Vulture Conservation Foundation

The Vulture Conservation Foundation is the world’s leading wildlife organisation solely dedicated to protecting, conserving and restoring Europe’s four species of vultures. Over the last century the populations of Bearded, Cinereous, Egyptian and Griffon Vulture have declined dramatically and seen their distribution ranges across the continent severely restricted.

We are working towards reversing this and our conservation initiative to return the Bearded Vulture to the Alps mountain range, one of the most remarkable wildlife comeback stories of the last 50 years, shows vulture conservation can work.

Through collaboration with governments, businesses, local communities and non-governmental wildlife organisations we are applying our expertise in; captive breeding vultures for conservation, reintroducing vultures into areas where they have disappeared, tackling threats and monitoring and tracking birds in the wild, to develop and deliver conservation initiatives that are founded on the best available science and are tailored to each vulture’s behaviour and ecology, the threats they face and the habitats they depend on.

Our mission

Our Mission is to work for the recovery of Europe’s four vulture species by initiating, facilitating and supporting conservation actions and research by working with people and organisations.

Meet the VCF team


Meet our dedicated team of 10 professionals working to secure the future of vultures in Europe.

Our History

Conservation pioneers and the FCBV, the former VCF, helped bring the Bearded Vultures back to the Alps.

How We Are Run

To help shape the best strategies for Europe’s vultures, the VCF is supported and advised by the Management Board and the Advisory Board.

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