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Collaborating with partners to develop and deliver conservation projects that support and protect vultures and their habitats across Europe

Griffon Vulture © Bogdan Boev

The Vulture Conservation Foundation’s projects focus on Europe’s four species of vultures. Our conservation projects are based on our decades of experience and founded on the best available science tailored to each species’ behaviour and ecology, the threats they face and the habitats they depend on.

Utilising our expertise in captive breeding vultures for conservation, reintroducing and restocking vulture populations, tackling threats and monitoring and tracking birds in the wild, we collaborate with governments, businesses, local communities and other non-governmental organisations to develop and deliver conservation projects that protect vultures right across Europe. Conservation is rarely straightforward and is becoming ever more demanding as we understand more about the threats vultures are facing. Find out how our targeted conservation projects aim to protect, preserve, connect and restore vulture populations.



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