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Cinereous Vulture parent and chick Bulgaria

It looks like Cinereous Vulture chicks will hatch again in Bulgaria

In an exciting start to the 2024 season, two pairs of Cinereous ...
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Why did the Egyptian Vulture pair choose to nest in Sardina? New study provides answers

Once considered a rare visitor to Sardinia with no breeding records, an ...
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filmmaker needed Portugal Western Spain LIFE Aegypius Return documentary

Filmmaker needed for LIFE Aegypius Return documentary in Portugal and Western Spain

We are thrilled to announce a unique opportunity for filmmakers to be ...
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Vultures have personality too – in life and death 

The movements of the Cinereous Vultures tagged with GPS/GSM transmitters within LIFE ...
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Technical guidelines for maximizing Bearded Vulture captive-breeding results

In the face of numerous challenges in the wild, the Bearded Vulture ...
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Meet the first Bearded Vulture chick of 2024 hatched in captivity

Hurray! The first Bearded Vulture chick born in captivity this year saw ...
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A Bearded Vulture in Norway?

Surprising news from Norway! An immature Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) made a ...
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Wild Bearded Vultures in Corsica building the nest – LIFE GypRescue

How do Bearded Vultures build their nest in the wild? In the ...
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Bearded Vulture LIFE: project website recently launched

The Bearded Vulture LIFE project has a new website, where you can ...
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Griffon Vulture decline in Kazakhstan

A recently published research paper evidences a “catastrophic decline” in the Griffon ...
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We’re hiring a Communications Officer – Join our flock!

Are you skilled in the art of communications and willing to work ...
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Another 49 police officers trained in rescuing and handling Cinereous Vultures in Portugal – LIFE Aegypius Return

In Portugal, wildlife rescue is usually ensured by a special department (SEPNA) ...
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The “cloacal kiss” of Bearded Vultures

With a wingspan of up to 2.85m and huge tails that stand ...
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Egyptian Vulture: technical guidelines for captive-breeding and release

CERM, the Endangered Raptors Centre NGO based in Italy, has recently published ...
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Bearded Vultures in the Alps juvenile illustrative

A sad Goodbye to Roc Genèse, the first wild-hatched Bearded Vulture tagged in the French Pyrenees

There are birds whose names we don’t easily forget. Bearded Vulture Roc ...
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Safer nests and new nesting platforms for Cinereous Vultures in Portugal – LIFE Aegypius Return 

The Cinereous Vulture population in Portugal has now safer nests and new ...
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Griffon Vulture in the Balkans: insights from the 2023 Census

Each year, several organisations in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, and North Macedonia collaborate ...
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What is the future of Vulture Conservation

What is the future of vulture conservation? Insights from vulture experts

As we step into the new year, we are eager to envision ...
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2023 in review: our work 4 Vultures

Out with the Old, In with the New! 2023 in review: as ...
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“Zeal and great determination”: the incredible story of the first Cinereous Vultures born in Portugal after extinction 

Some weeks ago, Quercus, a Portuguese NGO, set up a trap to ...
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