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LIFE Safe for Vultures informative panel about Griffon Vultures distribution and conservation actions in Sardinia

Supporting Griffon Vultures in Asinara National Park

A striking milestone for the LIFE Safe for Vultures project and the ...
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Celebrating the return of Bearded Vultures in Sierra Nevada 

The efforts to bring Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) back to Granada, Andalucia, ...
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Griffon Vulture Census 2023 Balkans Hristo Ivanov

Historical moment for Europe’s Nature – EU ministers approve landmark Nature Restoration Law 

Early this week, the environment ministers from the 27 countries of the ...
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Griffon Vulture Palina – an unhoped-for return!  

Rescued as a juvenile under the nesting coastal cliff of the Kvaerner ...
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The Bearded Vulture trio in Maestrazgo

Three female Bearded Vultures released in Maestrazgo, Spain

The release season is in full swing and three juvenile Bearded Vulture ...
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Participants at the third meeting of LIFE Aegypius Return partners and stakeholders, in Castelo Branco.

Cinereous Vulture conservation joins stakeholdersin Tejo Internacional, the largest breeding colony in Portugal 

Conservationists, authorities and land managers met for the third progress meeting of ...
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Griffon Vulture flying after being released on Cres Island, Croatia - LIFE SUPPort © BIOM

Griffon Vultures soaring high above Cres Island 

Eight young Griffon Vultures rehabilitated by the Beli Vulture Rescue Centre, on ...
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Bearded Vultures Gaia, Paradiso and Aurora being carried to the release site through snowy landscape © Marco Leisi

Bearded Vultures released in the Swiss Alps after a delay due to heavy snowfall 

On Sunday, 2 June 2024, our team and partners were getting ready ...
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Group photo of the participants at the wildlife crime training in Sardinia © LIFE Safe for Vultures

Fighting wildlife crime in Sardinia: international training events and working toward new regional law

In a significant move to ensure the safety and long-term well-being of ...
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David Schuhwerk with Wiggerl und Magdalena Deelmann with Vinzenz © Markus Leitner LBV

Bearded Vultures released in the Bavarian Alps for the fourth year in a row: Meet “Wiggerl” from Finland and “Vinzenz” from Austria

Two young male Bearded Vultures (Gypaetus barbatus) were successfully released in the ...
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A fresh start for 22 Griffon Vultures in south Sardinia

The Life Safe for Vultures project in Sardinia begins a new chapter ...
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Bearded Vulture in flight © Andre Anita:Getty images-Canva linkcard

New Bearded Vulture reintroduction site in Spain: Sierra Nevada National Park 

The dream to restore the Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) to its former ...
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Bearded Vulture Rei del Cause peeked inside the apartment of a citizen in Poznan, Poland © Maciej Mleczko/ Facebook

Adventurous Bearded Vulture “Rei del Cause” was rescued in Poland

Curiosity piqued the interest of many in Poland, especially the birdwatching community, ...
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international wildlife crime conference group photo

International conference on wildlife crime in Cyprus

The crime against wildlife poses a significant threat to biodiversity. Poisoning, illegal ...
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Cinereous vulture in acclimatisation. Image taken via the video surveillance system.

Four Cinereous Vultures inaugurate pioneering conservation programme in Portugal

The aviary for the soft release of Cinereous Vultures aims to strengthen ...
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Cinereous Vulture Tewes in Italy © Bruno Zuliani

Tewes the Cinereous Vulture globe-trotter

The four-year-old Cinereous Vulture Tewes keeps surprising scientists and nature enthusiasts with ...
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Save the Date: The Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2024 and LIFE GYPRESCUE Seminar in Corsica

Save the date: The Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2024 and LIFE GYPRESCUE Seminar in Corsica

As the Bearded Vultures prepare for a new breeding season this November, ...
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Griffon Vulture pair by Rob Davies

A Visual journey through the Cork Oak Savannas shows the special Vulture habitats in Portugal and Spain 

Step into a world where the whispers of cork oaks mingle with ...
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An unknown Bearded Vulture that visited the Melchsee-Frutt release site in the Swiss Alps in 2023 turned out to be Flysch-Vigo following genetic analysis © Franziska Lörcher / VCF

No longer missing: Bearded Vulture Flysch-Vigo identified again four years after her UK visit

DNA analysis of feathers has once again identified the famed Bearded Vulture ...
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One month later: how the newly released Griffon Vultures are doing in southern Sardinia

After the release of 15 young Griffon Vultures from the Villasalto acclimatization ...
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