Working to conserve and help restore vultures to the skies of Europe

Bearded Vulture captive-bred chick at Vallcalent © Hansruedi Weyrich

The Vulture Conservation Foundation is the world’s leading wildlife organisation solely dedicated to protecting, conserving and restoring Europe’s four species of vultures. With decades of experience of vulture conservation we have significant expertise in; captive breeding vultures for conservation, reintroducing vultures into areas where they have disappeared, tackling the threats vultures face and monitoring and tracking birds in the wild.

Our Team

Our team of dedicated conservation professionals based around Europe collaborate with governments, businesses, non-governmental wildlife organisations and local communities applying our expertise to develop and deliver conservation initiatives that are founded on the best available science and are tailored to each vulture’s behaviour and ecology, the threats they face and the habitats they depend on.

Our Expertise
© Dominic Houghton
Espai Ambiental
Bearded Vulture release Maestrazgo
First cinereous vulture release reintroduction in bulgaria vultures back to life
Staff from the Vulture Conservation Foundation and Green Balkans releasing the two young Cinereous Vultures at the release site
Anti-poisoning training in Spain
© Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project
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