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Rüppell’s Vulture Maps

A GPS transmitter weighs only a few grams, and yet it provides invaluable information that helps inform more accurate conservation actions. Equipping vultures with GPS transmitters enables us to closely monitor their movements and behaviour, understand their foraging ranges and habits, and detect when individuals are no longer moving and potentially injured to act accordingly. The data also reveals any threats vultures face, providing insights that allow us to carry out actions to mitigate risks and help support the species comeback.

As the sightings of the African Rüppell’s Vulture continue to grow in Europe, especially in Iberia, we at the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) intend to monitor the situation by equipping individuals with GPS transmitters to help determine how long they stay in Europe and where they come from.

Rüppell’s Vultures GPS-tagged in Portugal

Vouzela – the first Rüppell’s Vulture equipped with a GPS transmitter in Portugal

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