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All the information you need to plan your trip for the European Vulture Conference 2023

To ensure that your trip is seamless and enjoyable, we have put together a comprehensive travel guide with all the information you need. This guide covers the venue details, travel advise, hotel options, insider tips on birdwatching, FAQs and more. It's your one-stop resource to start planning your trip to Cáceres today.



A UNESCO World Heritage site combining a blend of history, culture and gastronomy

Cáceres, a medieval town located in Extremadura, Spain, is a true gem of the region. Its winding streets and ancient walls transport you back in time, offering a unique glimpse into its rich history. This incredible town has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for good reason. Its stunning architecture, which includes palaces, churches, and fortified towers, is a testament to its long and varied past. Cáceres also offers a wealth of cultural experiences, such as traditional festivals and events, as well as a thriving gastronomy scene that showcases the best of Extremadura’s cuisine. Visitors to Cáceres can sample local specialties such as Iberian ham, torta del casar cheese, and traditional sweets. Another unique aspect of Cáceres is its birding potential. Griffon and Cinereous Vultures can often be seen soaring above the city center, while the old town is home to a colony of Lesser kestrels. Birds of prey such as Booted Eagles are also frequently spotted in the area. With its rich history, vibrant cultural scene and diverse wildlife, Cáceres is a town that will inspire and charm you.


A vulture-rich landscape that is a haven for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts

Extremadura, a region situated in western Spain, is renowned for its diverse natural and cultural treasures that are not to be missed. One of the most distinctive features of this region is its abundant birdlife, which encompasses hundreds of species, including a vast array of birds of prey. Cinereous and Griffon Vultures breed in considerable numbers here, while the majestic Egyptian Vulture can also be spotted, although less common. Extremadura is also home to sizeable populations of Black and Red Kites, Lesser Kestrels, Montagu’s Harriers and Spanish Imperial Eagles, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. Along with its birdlife, Extremadura boasts a rich cultural heritage that can be explored through its stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and traditional festivals. Whether you are a nature lover or a culture enthusiast, Extremadura offers something that will pique your interest and captivate your imagination.


Complejo Cultural San Francisco

The Complejo Cultural San Francisco is a venue like no other, with a rich history and stunning architecture. This congress and exhibition centre is housed within the magnificent old San Francisco el Real Monastery, which was built in 1472 and has served various purposes throughout history, including as a hospital and school-residence for young orphans of the province. Despite enduring fires and plundering during the War of Independence, the Monastery has been restored and refurbished over the years, and in 1980, it undertook its new mission, transforming into Complejo Cultural San Francisco and becoming the headquarters of the Cultural Institution El Brocense. Today, this centre is also home to its own nesting White storks, although the pair may not be present in November.

Complejo Cultural San Francisco is a venue that offers a range of rooms, halls, and auditoriums equipped with modern amenities, all while retaining its historical essence. The venue’s unique Gothic and Renaissance cloisters, as well as gardens, cafeteria, free parking, wheelchair accessibility and other facilities make it an ideal choice for hosting various events, including the upcoming European Vulture Conference in 2023.

How to reach the venue

Getting to the venue, Complejo Cultural San Francisco, is convenient. It is situated just a short 15-minute walk from Cáceres city centre, making it easily accessible for pedestrians. If you are arriving by car, ample and free parking is available on-site. 

The venue’s address is Rda. de San Francisco, 15, 10002 Cáceres, Spain.

You can use the Google Maps feature provided below to obtain clear directions and navigate with ease.

Google map

Accommodation options

As you plan your attendance at the upcoming European Vulture Conference, please be aware that you are responsible for booking and paying for your own accommodation. To assist you in finding suitable lodging, we have compiled a list of the best hotel options available in the area. While we provide estimated rates for your convenience, please note that no guaranteed rates or reservations have been made exclusively for the conference. We recommend contacting the hotels directly to inquire about availability and secure your booking. Most hotels in Cáceres are 15-20 minutes walking distance from the venue.

Gran Hotel Don Manuel

Booking should be made by email to using the reference CONFERENCE VULTURE

Special rate available until 30 September

Nh Collection Palacio de Oquendo

“Booking should be made by email to using the reference CONFERENCE VULTURE or by using the link

Special rate available until 15 September

Hotel Extremadura

Booking should be made by phone +34 927629639 or email to using the reference CONFERENCE VULTURE

Special rate until 13 October

Hospes Palacio de Arenales & Spa

Booking should be made through this link using the promotional code CCSF

Special rate until 30 September 

Travel advice

It is important to arrange your own transport to Cáceres as soon as possible. We have participants joining us from all over the world, so we have compiled some travel options to help make your trip as easy as possible. Our comprehensive travel guide provides information on the best ways to reach Cáceres, including by plane, train, bus or car.

By Plane

The nearest major international airports to Cáceres are Madrid Barajas, Seville, and Lisbon, each around 250-300km away.

The nearest domestic airport is at Talavera, located in the province of Badajoz, about 90km from Cáceres. Talavera airport currently does not offer international flights

You can find train and bus route options from nearby airports to Cáceres on this webpage.

By Train

Cáceres is connected to several daily train services from Madrid Atocha, Lisbon, and Badajoz. Although trains in the area are slower compared to road transport, the journey offers spectacular scenery.

Cáceres Railway Station is about 1-2km from the city center, and taxis are available. It's also an easy 10-minute walk along Avenida de Alemania to reach the city center.

There is a high-speed railway project under construction linking Madrid, Lisbon, and other cities, but completion dates are uncertain.

By Bus

Buses depart from Madrid's Estación del Sur several times a day, with a journey time of three and a half to four and a half hours, depending on the service or time.

Buses from Seville, Salamanca, and other cities in the north and south of Spain pass through Cáceres as well.

The Cáceres Bus Station is located on the outskirts of the city, approximately 1-2km from the city center. Taxis are available, but it's also an easy walk along Avenida de Alemania to reach the city center.

By Car

From Madrid: Take the A-5 motorway towards Badajoz/ Portugal, then exit at Trujillo onto the new A-58 autopista, which leads to Cáceres, where you can follow signs for Centro Urbano to reach the city centre.

From Salamanca/ the north: Drive southbound on the A-66 towards Sevilla/ Mérida, and take the exit at the north end of Cáceres (Ronda Norte) onto the N-630 road that leads to the city center.

From Seville/ the south: Take the A-66 northbound and and at the junction with the EX-100 follow the signs onto the N-630, which brings you to the city center.

From Badajoz/ Portugal: Leave the A-5 motorway and follow the regional EX-100 road to the outskirts of Cáceres, then continue on the N-630 to reach the city.

What to bring with you!

When traveling to Cáceres in November, it’s important to pack accordingly for the chilly weather. During the day, temperatures typically range from the mid 10s Celsius but can dip into single digits Celsius at night.

To stay cozy during your trip, it’s recommended that you bring warm clothing such as sweaters, jackets, and thermal layers. Don’t forget to pack waterproof shoes and an umbrella or a waterproof jacket, as rain can be regular during this time of year. If you plan to join the field trips, be sure to pack comfortable shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and binoculars to fully enjoy the birdlife and wildlife of Extremadura. We also suggest you bring a reusable water bottle with you to avoid waste and stay hydrated during your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To register for the Conference, please visit the European Vulture Conference registration webpage at the Registration Page.

Your registration fee covers the following:

  • 3-day access to all talks, workshops, and poster sessions
  • Morning and afternoon coffee breaks during the Conference
  • Lunch meals for all conference days
  • A cultural visit to Cáceres (15 November)
  • A celebration dinner (16 November)
  • Field trip (17 November)

The receipts will be automatically sent to your email address.

If you need to cancel your participation, you can do so before 31 July. A handling fee of 10% will be deducted from the registration fees for cancellations made before this date. After 31 July, no refunds will be provided. All refunds will be processed within one month after the end of the event, with possible deductions for bank charges.

We highly encourage all attendees to register for the Conference in advance. This helps us plan accordingly for the number of attendees and ensures a smoother registration process.


You can submit an abstract using the online submission form before the deadline on 15 June 2023 at Abstract Submission Form.

Yes, the conference programme will be available online in the coming months and will be published on the Conference Website. Programme and Keynote speakers

Information regarding presentation guidelines will soon be available on the conference website or will be communicated directly to approved sessions/ authors.

No, this year's edition will be held in person. However, the Vulture Conservation Foundation is considering making presentation recordings available after the Conference ends. The VCF is assessing the venue's capacities and associated costs to determine the feasibility of this option. If viable, recordings may become available for purchase at a later stage.

Yes, there will be a registration desk during the conference days. You can pick up your badge there, and our team will be available to assist you with any questions regarding the Conference.

No, transportation and transfers are not provided by the organisation. Each participant is responsible for organising their own transportation. Please refer to the travel guide for more information.

There is no designated hotel for this Conference. We suggest you stay at a hotel or other accommodation in the Cáceres‎ city centre, which is around a 15-20 minute walk from the conference venue.  

A Certificate of Attendance will be sent to you by email after the Conference.

A Certificate of Presentation will be sent to you by email after the Conference.

To make the conference affordable, we have set minimum ticket prices that cover the necessary organisational expenses. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide funding for registration, travel or other expenses. Please check if you qualify for specific discounted ticket options. You can save 30 euros by taking advantage of the early bird ticket offer when you register before 31 July.
Please get in touch with our logistics team if you require a support letter to facilitate your VISA application or help secure funding. Invitation letters are only issued and sent when the registration is paid and confirmed.

Have you registered yet? Don't miss out on the opportunity to advance your vulture conservation knowledge!

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