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A pair of young bearded vultures in love and looking for a new home in the Ukraine

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BG 844 is a three and half year old male bearded vulture, born at the Guadalentín Specialized Breeding Centre (Spain), in February 2015. He is the offspring of a pair of birds that are one of the Captive Breeding Network’s best breeders, producing an astounding 16 fledglings over 10 breeding seasons, with many of his siblings released into the wild at our many different reintroduction projects across Europe. His wild siblings Hortelano and Marchena are now breeding and can be spotted flying over the skies of Andalusia, Spain.

Just like BG 844, seven year old female BG 673 was born at the Guadalentín Specialized Breeding Centre and also is the offspring of another very successful breeding pair who have produced 14 fledgings in 11 breeding seasons. 

BG 673 and BG 844 are both currently resident at the Richard Faust Zentrum Specialized Breeding Centre in Austria. They are ready to form a breeding pair and, considering their current age, will probably start breeding in the coming years.

Right now, we urgently need to move them from Austria to Ukraine’s Nikolaev zoo, where they will find a suitable new home, with all the conditions for them to breed.

We urgently need your support to be able to transport these birds to their new home. And this is why we have launched this crowdfunding campaign. 50 #ConservationHeros have already joined us, raising a total of 2237 euros, which already allows us to transport 5 to 6 birds, but there are 19 birds waiting to be transferred, so we really need to reach the goal of 7500 euros to accomplish our goal.

You can support us with 1 euro or more, and we have some rewards for you! Photo cards, t-shirts, one-on-one talk with our bearded vulture team and even give BG 673 and BG 844 proper names!

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