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first egg bearded vulture season 2022 2

The first Bearded Vulture egg of the new breeding season is already here

The old Bearded Vulture pair in Austria has laid the first egg …

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Aïnat and Sombra copulating start of bearded vulture breeding season

An inside look into the start of the Bearded Vulture breeding season in captivity

Unlike most European bird species that breed in spring, the Bearded Vulture …

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ABVM 2022 group photo

Key takeaways from the Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022

What an event! Over 130 participants gathered at Parco Natura Viva near …

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Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022 programme

Final Programme of the Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022

The scientific programme of the Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022 is now finalized, and …

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Releasing mouflons in Corsica_PNRC (M.Haller)

Releasing captive-bred mouflons to boost Bearded Vulture survival in Corsica

The release of captive-bred mouflons into the wild can help promote the …

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Griffon Vultures

Latest newsletter of the IUCN’s Vulture Specialist Group (October 2022)

A lot has happened in vulture conservation and research over the past …

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Bearded Vulture Boni_Enrique Avila

Boni: The first Andalusian Bearded Vulture to cross the Strait of Gibraltar

The remarkable Boni is the first Bearded Vulture from Andalusia that crossed …

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Bearded Vulture BG 199 (left) and his partner with nestling

One of the last remaining ‘founder’ Bearded Vultures has died

Sadly, last Monday, we had no choice but to bid farewell to …

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Bearded Vulture Bavaria_auswahl

Recent GPS movements of the Bearded Vultures we track in Europe (August 2022)

The International Bearded Vulture Monitoring Network (IBM) monitors Bearded Vultures across seven different regions in Austria, …

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Juvenille Bearded Vulture in flight/ Illustrative by @platinfisch

New record of Bearded Vulture fledglings achieved in the Alps

This breeding season saw a new record of Bearded Vulture fledglings taking …

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annual bearded vulture meeting 2022 banner

Registration is open for the Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022

The Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022 is approaching and registration is now open! …

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Bearded Vulture in flight © Hansruedi Weyrich

International Observation Days for Bearded Vultures 2022: Help count Europe’s rarest vulture

Do you want to support the conservation and monitoring efforts of Europe’s …

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Cinereous Vultures and Griffon Vultures © Pilar Oliva

New report on vulture population estimates in Europe is now available

A new report on the latest vulture population estimates across Europe and …

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Fascinating vulture facts

Vultures are spectacular. Here are 9 fascinating vulture facts that prove it

Even though a lot of people have a negative perception of vultures, …

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Bearded Vulture Ambane takes flight – the first in Vercors in 150 years! ©Olivier Teilhard 2

Bearded Vulture fledges in Vercors for the first time in at least 150 years

A Bearded Vulture chick fledged in the wild in Vercors for the …

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Cinereous and Egyptian Vulture © Pilar Oliva

The International Vulture Awareness Day 2022

Every year, the first Saturday of September is dedicated to vultures. The International …

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The Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022 is approaching

We are thrilled to be planning the Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022 …

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Bearded Vulture in flight © Hansruedi Weyrich

Info Gipeto 38: The latest news bulletin of the Bearded Vulture reintroduction project

The latest Info Gipeto (n. 38) news bulletin, available in English and …

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Bearded Vultures released in the Bavarian Alps for the second time

Since last year, more than 140 years since their extinction, Bearded Vultures …

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Releasing Bearded Vulture Sulana in Corsica

Releasing Bearded Vultures in Corsica within LIFE GYPRESCUE

Since 2016, together with Parc naturel régional de Corse (PNRC), we have …

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