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Lead Ammunition vultures

Our consultation response to ECHA towards restricting the use of lead ammunition for the sake of vultures, nature and people!

Last week, the VCF has submitted a consultation response on the Annex …

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Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting and Final LIFE GypConnect Seminar link card

Join us for the Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2021 and the Final LIFE GypConnect Seminar

Last year, we had to cancel our much-awaited Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting …

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Most recent Bearded Vulture GPS movements of 60 individuals across seven important European regions (August 2021)

The International Bearded Vulture Monitoring Network (IBM) monitors Bearded Vultures across seven different regions …

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international observation days for bearded vultures

International Observation Days: Volunteers needed to help monitor the European Bearded Vulture population on Saturday 2 October 2021

The International Observation Days (IOD) for Bearded Vultures will take place in …

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The only Bearded Vulture in Álava (Spain) dies

In early September, the only Bearded Vulture in Álava, Spain, needed rescuing …

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Bearded Vultures in Europe

In 2021 we released 24 Bearded Vultures in Europe as part of reintroduction and restocking projects

In the late 20th Century, Bearded Vultures in Europe were on the brink of …

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Bearded Vultures in the Alps juvenile illustrative

Bearded Vultures in the Alps break their record once again, producing the highest-ever known number of fledglings

Bearded Vultures in the Alps have been extra busy this breeding season. …

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Fascinating vulture facts

Vultures are spectacular. Here are 9 fascinating vulture facts that prove it

Even though a lot of people have a negative perception of vultures, …

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shot raptors vultures in france x ray

Birds of prey and vultures in France continue being illegally shot

According to reports by our partners at LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des …

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Five ways you can help vultures next Saturday on International Vulture Awareness Day

Although we at the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) strive to help vultures …

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Gypaète bearded vulture reintroduction pradines

From captivity to the wild: the reintroduction story of Bearded Vulture Pradines

The Grands Causses Regional Natural Park in France has a new inhabitant! …

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Bearded Vulture reintroduction project in Andalusia

The Bearded Vulture reintroduction project in Andalusia sees a record number of wild-hatched fledglings

It has been a brilliant year for the Bearded Vulture reintroduction project in …

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International Vulture Awareness Day

International Vulture Awareness Day 2021 is two weeks away

Join us on Saturday, 4 September to celebrate the International Vulture Awareness …

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2021 marks another successful Bearded Vulture release season in Andalusia

This year has once again been a great one for the Bearded …

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Running club fundraises to support our Bearded Vulture reintroduction efforts in Andalusia

The local Running Club ‘Alma Gaia Mountain Club’ organised a race in …

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Young Bearded Vulture Bavaria and Wally successfully take their first flight into the Bavarian Alps

For the first time in over 140, two young Bearded Vultures call …

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Grands Causses welcomes one more Bearded Vulture as part of the LIFE GypConnect reintroduction project

One more captive-bred Bearded Vulture now lives in the Grands Causses Regional …

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The spread of misinformation as a new challenge for vulture conservation

Condors and vultures (hereafter “vultures”) are threatened necrophagous bird species relying on …

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Wildlife Crime Academy: using CSI and forensic science to solve wildlife crimes across 9 countries

Let’s be honest: Death plays a significant part in wildlife conservation. Conservationists …

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Donna Elvira and BelArosa recently became the 50th and 51st Bearded Vultures reintroduced in the Swiss Alps

This year marked the 30 year anniversary since the first Bearded Vultures were …

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