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Italy – bearded vulture symposium and field count in Stelvio will take place this weekend!

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Twenty years after the first bearded vulture pair bred successfully in the Italian Alps, the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio, with the support of Regione Lombardia, are organising a symposium in Bormio (Sondrio province, Northern Italy) this weekend (17-18 March), that will also include a field census on large scale (open only for expert observers) for the 28th simultaneous census of golden eagle and bearded vulture in Stelvio (1500 km2).

Bearded vultures became extinct in the Alps in the beginning of the 20th century, but a reintroduction project (coordinated by the VCF and implemented by several partners across 4 alpine countries) started in 1986 and is still ongoing. The first breeding in the wild occurred in France in 1997, and one-year later a pair also started to breed in Val Braulio (Valdidentro, Sondrio). Today there are at least 12-13 pairs of bearded vulture in the Italian Alps.

This weekend our Italian partners will celebrate this milestone with a symposium – see the programme below. Presentations by Italian authors will be held in Italian and subtitled in English, while talks of foreign authors will be in English, with a short simultaneous translation in Italian.

In case you are interested to participate to the symposium, please contact daniela.praolini@stelviopark.it and in “cc” enrico.bassi76mail.com

For accommodation please contact referring to Bearded Vulture (ital. “Gipeto”) Symposium: booking@bormio.eu Tel 0039 (0)342903300

Download Preliminary programme – bearded vulture symposium – Stelvio, Italy FirstDraft_Program_Stelvio16_18March.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 661.7 KB Download

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