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Donate and help us continue our vulture conservation work

Pascal Conche

The Vulture Conservation Foundation is the world’s leading wildlife organisation solely dedicated to protecting, conserving and restoring Europe’s four species of vultures. Over the last century the populations of Bearded, Cinereous, Egyptian and Griffon Vulture have declined dramatically and seen their distribution ranges across the continent severely restricted.

Feeding one of our Bearded Vulture chicks we bred in captivity for conservation purposes © Hansruedi Weyrich
Hiking to the hacking site to release Bearded Vulturessed Bearded Vultures © Hansruedi Weyrich
Alex releasing a Bearded Vulture as part of our Maestrazgo reintroduction project © Bruno Durán/ Maestrazgo-Els Ports
Monitoring the released Bearded Vultures © Dominic Houghton
Building capacities to combat illegal wildlife poisoning and other environmental crimes with our Wildlife Crime Academy © VCF
One of our reintroduced Cinereous Vultures in Bulgaria © Hristo Peshev/ FWFF
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We are working towards reversing this and our conservation initiative to return the Bearded Vulture to the Alps mountain range, one of the most remarkable wildlife comeback stories of the last 50 years, shows vulture conservation can work.

Through collaboration with governments, businesses, local communities and non-governmental wildlife organisations we are applying our expertise in captive breeding vultures for conservation, reintroducing vultures into areas where they have disappeared, tackling threats and monitoring and tracking birds in the wild to develop and deliver conservation initiatives that are founded on the best available science and are tailored to each vulture’s behaviour and ecology, the threats they face and the habitats they depend on.

Donate and help us continue to carry out our conservation initiatives to ensure a bright future for vultures in Europe.

Thank you!

For bank transfers, please use our bank account information below.

Name: Stichting VCF

Bank name: Triodos Bank nv


IBAN: NL33 TRIO 0390 3553 80

For online donations, using your credit card or PayPal account, please click on the button below.

For our Dutch donors

You can support the VCF with a regular donation or a periodic donation. 

Ordinary gift

An ordinary gift is a gift that you only make once. Or a donation that you make annually, but that you have not laid down in an agreement. A threshold applies to ordinary donations. You may deduct the amount above that. But no more than the maximum amount. The threshold amount and the maximum amount depend on your threshold income. That is the total of your income and deductible items in box 1, 2 and 3, but without your personal allowance. If you file a tax return online, the Tax Authorities will have entered your threshold amount on the screen where you can deduct your donations. The threshold amount is 1% of your threshold income, but a minimum of € 60. You may deduct what you have given more. Up to a maximum amount of 10% of your threshold income. 

You do not need to send any supporting documents to the tax authorities. However, in the event of an inspection, you must be able to demonstrate that you have made the donation by submitting written documents, such as bank statements or receipts.

Voorbeeld €

Uw drempelinkomen is € 27.000. Het drempelbedrag is dan € 270 en het maximumbedrag € 2.700. Als u € 450 ann gewone giften geeft, berekent u uw aftrek zo:

Title Price
U geeft in totaal € 450
Daarvan trekt u het drempelbedrag af € 270
Dus u mag in totaal aftrekken € 180

Periodic donation

Use the ‘Periodic cash donation’ form if you wish to make a cash donation to the VCF for  at least 5 years . The form contains a section for you and a section for us. When everything is completed, you can send the agreement to us and keep your own part for your own records.

Do you want your regular cash donation to be automatically transferred to the VCF? Then you can use the ‘Payment authorization’ form. If you fill in the form completely and send it to the VCF, you give us permission to automatically debit the donation from your account.

You can send the completed forms to . We will contact you as soon as possible!

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