The Vulture Conservation Foundation is an international non-governmental organisation established in 2009 with a legal base in the Netherlands and Spain.

We are a successor to Foundation for the Conservation of Bearded Vultures which was founded in 1992 by the president of Frankfurt Zoological Society. The Foundation for the Conservation of Bearded Vultures brought together a network of vulture experts with the aim of establishing a captive breeding programme in the reintroduction of Bearded Vultures in the Alps mountain chain.

Today, building on that experience, we work across all of Europe for the conservation of the four European vulture species.

We are made up of a dedicated team of conservation professionals with significant expertise in captive breeding for conservation, reintroducing vultures into areas where they have disappeared, working collaboratively to protect vultures in their natural habitat and monitoring and tracking vultures, helping to restore these magnificent birds to the skies of Europe.

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