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Good news on the International Vulture Awareness Day: Junta de Extremadura reveals that the black vulture population has increased

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The Junta also commits to continue to collaborate with the VCF in international vulture conservation projects

This last weekend, on the occasion of International Vulture Awareness Day, the Junta de Extremadura has announced the last figures for the vulture populations in that Spanish region: 879 breeding pairs of Eurasian black vulture – an incredible 40% of the total European population of this species!), 170 pairs of Egyptian vulture, and approximately 2000 pairs of griffon vulture.

More, the populations of black and Egyptian vulture have been increasing, a testament to the conservation efforts and investment that the Junta de Extremadura and other local partners have been doing on the ground. Indeed, this region of the Iberian peninsula is a key priority area for vultures in Europe –“vultures ‘paradise”, in the words of the regional government.

The Junta has committed to continue to work on vulture conservation, namely by transposing regionally the EU regulation allowing for the carcasses of animals to be left in the field, and working to evaluate the increasing reports of alleged incidents between live cattle and griffon vultures.

Together with the VCF, the Junta de Extremadura has also committed to continue to support international vulture conservation, notably the project to reintroduce griffon vultures in Bulgaria, and black vultures in France (where the reintroduction project is extremely successful, and has resulted already in a wild population, with a total of 28 breeding pairs this year. This Fall the VCF will again transport griffon and black vultures that entered rehabilitation centers in Extremadura to Bulgaria and France for these projects.

All in all, excellent news from a critical area for vultures in Europe, in the weekend when the world has celebrated these fantastic and useful birds.

Please see below for the original press release (in Spanish) by the Junta de Extremadura. Below you will also find some links with news on the regional press in that region of Spain.





Download Press release Junta de Extremadura International Vulture Awareness Day (in Spanish) 140906 Nota de prensa Dia de los Buitres Adobe Acrobat Document 226.5 KB Download

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