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Financial Manager and Administrative Assistant

Natural from Porto, Portugal. BSc in Biology. Between 2003 and 2006 developed field work about raptor migration and breeding in Costa Rica and USA, and the impact of powerlines on bird populations in Portugal. From 2007 to 2016, she worked at a local environmental NGO, in Northeast Portugal, as a conservation manager, overseeing projects, including LIFE. At the VCF, she is responsible for the financial management and supporting the organization’s administration and bookkeeping. She also manages the organization of meetings and conferences. The first contact she had with vultures was during migration field work, watching them soar majestically and in thousands above a watch tower. Probably that is why the Egyptian vulture, a long-distance migrator, is her favourite species. As a biologist in training, it is impossible not to realise how important their role is in nature. Even if now on the administrative side of things, dealing with excel sheets and invoices, working in vulture conservation at the VCF, being able to collaborate and learn from so many partners across Europe is truly inspiring and impactful. Alice lives in the Northeast Portugal countryside, an important breeding area for Griffon, Egyptian and Cinereous vultures. She gets to watch them every day, and in her off time, she has been active in the local community, both supporting conservation work developed by local organizations, and developing environmental awareness initiatives.

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