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Who We Are


Communication Officer

Passioned about wildlife since childhood, wildlife rehabilitation volunteer and educator.

Born in south Italy, she started being involved in wildlife conservation in her teenage years participating in the Salento Natural History Museum summer camp. After that experience she spent every summer at the local wildlife rehabilitation centre taking care of small carnivores and birds of prey, and she still takes an active part in the centre activities.

She spent a year as National Civic Service volunteer teaching students about human-wildlife coexistence, among other activities. This expedience ignited her passion for communicating conservation projects. She graduated in Science and Management of Nature (MS) at the University of Bologna with a thesis focused on landscape of fear and human disturbance on wild ungulates.

A scientific journalism course and her own human-wildlife coexistence themed blog started her vocation as wildlife communication professional. She made her own mission to involve people, especially young ones, in wildlife conservation and help them find their connection with nature.

She met Griffon Vultures for the first time in the Central Apennines, working with Rewilding Apennines, and remained fascinated by their ecology and their undeserved gloomy reputation.

Rehabilitating wildlife is one of her favourite activities. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing novels, horse riding and gardening.

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