Who We Are


BalkanDetox LIFE Project Coordinator

Uroš Pantović is a Serbian biologist, whose fascination and interest for birds has followed him since high-school and finally throughout his studies in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Following his interest in birds, Uroš volunteered in the Black Vulture Conservation Foundation in Mallorca for several months, where he got his first opportunity to experience vulture conservation and practical work with vultures, which have fascinated him ever since. Through his close association with BirdLife Serbia, Uroš gained experience relevant to conservation of various groups of birds and in dealing with bird crime issues, such as poaching and poisoning. Uroš is working on improving the situation with vultures and wildlife poisoning in the Balkan region, firstly through the Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project (BAPP), and currently through the BalkanDetox LIFE project. Uroš joined VCF in 2018 and is keen on contributing to VCF’s overall mission to protect and conserve vultures across Europe.

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