10,000 people for vultures!

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When we speak about vultures to our audiences, we almost always detect some strange looks and quirky reactions. Yes, vultures are often not the most loved animal, and public perception about them is mostly negative. However, they are extremely useful in the natural ecosystem, are impressive birds, and can also be cute – as most of the people that take long enough to listen to us often come to agree. Indeed, building a constituency for vultures – our motto is together for vultures – is one of our main missions, and so it was with a big pleasure that we have noted that our Facebook page – opened only in August 2013 – surpassed the 10,000 likes this week. 10,000 people for vultures!

We do an effort to bring you all the latest on vulture conservation, our projects and the challenges that these species face – and we hope that by doing so, we create a strong constituency that will continuously push for vulture conservation. Through donating to the VCF, speaking loudly for vultures, or advertising vulture conservation to your friends and contacts, you can play a part to – it is as simple as sharing our page to your friends and asking them to support and read us. All together for vultures.

Thank you for your support and interest. You can count on us to keep fighting for vultures. We count on you too.

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