31 vultures dead after being hit by a train in India

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During the development of the Vultures Multi-Species Action Plan, which the VCF has co-led, on behalf of the Raptors MoU/Convention for Migratory Species, and which is now for public consultation, we have analysed threats to 15 species of old world vultures across Europe, Asia and Africa.

While in Europe mortality of vultures due to roads or trains is relatively rare – although occasionally it does happen, see photo above taken in Spain where a black vulture was killed by a train, colleagues in Africa, the Middle East and Asia mentioned that there it can be locally important, because often vultures feed on roadkill and may then get hit by the cars themselves (see photo).

A serious incident of this sort has now been reported to us from India by dr. Dau Lal Bohra, who has been studying vultures in Rajasthan, northwest India

At least 31 vultures were killed when they were hit by a train. The vultures had apparently been feeding on a dead cow that was itself killed by a train, in a bend with little visibility on a rail track in Jorbeer.

You can read  more about this incident in the link below: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/31-vultures-feeding-on-dead-cow-mowed-by-train-in-bikaner/articleshow/57980953.cms

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