Adult Egyptian vulture seen in Sardinia

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Egyptian vultures are now mostly in Africa, but the odd individual still lingers in Europe. Last Friday Federico Nurchi, a member of LIFE GRIFFONE monitoring group in Sardinia, saw an adult Egyptian vulture in the Bosa area. Egyptian vultures are very rare visitors to Sardinia, with only annual records in the last few years – one in March 2015 and another in November 2016 (see photo), for example.

In Gibraltar numbers are dwindling too – between 2nd and 8th October only 37 Egyptians crossed to Africa, according to the migration tally published by Fundación Migres, who does a comprehensive monitoring of the migration at that migration bottleneck – interestingly, 5 Ruppel’s´ vultures also passed south that week, and of course more than 750 griffon vultures (see table).

Three of the 5 tagged Egyptian vultures from the Douro with the LIFE RUPIS are now in their wintering quarters in Mali-Mauritania – we are still waiting for signals from two of them – you can see their movements here

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