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first egg bearded vulture season 2022 2

The first Bearded Vulture egg of the new breeding season is already here

The old Bearded Vulture pair in Austria has laid the first egg …

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Aïnat and Sombra copulating start of bearded vulture breeding season

An inside look into the start of the Bearded Vulture breeding season in captivity

Unlike most European bird species that breed in spring, the Bearded Vulture …

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#GivingTuesday Cinereous Vultures linkard

This #GivingTuesday, please help Cinereous Vultures

This #GivingTuesday, we need to raise funds to transfer Cinereous Vultures from …

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Cinereous Vultures in Extremadura already started rebuilding nests burned by summer fire

Cinereous Vultures are returning to the area burned over the summer at …

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ABVM 2022 group photo

Key takeaways from the Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022

What an event! Over 130 participants gathered at Parco Natura Viva near …

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One of the Spanish Griffon Vultures released in Cyprus © Silvio A. Rusmigo

Update on the recently released Spanish Griffon Vultures in Cyprus

One of the Spanish Griffon Vultures released in Cyprus © Silvio A. …

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Chicks that hatched within the Cinereous Vulture EEP in 2022

The Cinereous Vulture Captive Breeding Network (EEP) produced positive results in 2022

In 2022, several chicks hatched and survived within the Cinereous Vulture Captive …

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Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022 programme

Final Programme of the Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022

The scientific programme of the Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2022 is now finalized, and …

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Releasing mouflons in Corsica_PNRC (M.Haller)

Releasing captive-bred mouflons to boost Bearded Vulture survival in Corsica

The release of captive-bred mouflons into the wild can help promote the …

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Griffon Vultures

Latest newsletter of the IUCN’s Vulture Specialist Group (October 2022)

A lot has happened in vulture conservation and research over the past …

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Public Presentation Session for the LIFE Aegypius return Project cover

Public Presentation Session for LIFE Aegypius return 

Come and discover our newly launched project LIFE Aegypius return, which aims …

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Bearded Vulture Boni_Enrique Avila

Boni: The first Andalusian Bearded Vulture to cross the Strait of Gibraltar

The remarkable Boni is the first Bearded Vulture from Andalusia that crossed …

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Bearded Vulture BG 199 (left) and his partner with nestling

One of the last remaining ‘founder’ Bearded Vultures has died

Sadly, last Monday, we had no choice but to bid farewell to …

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A poisoned Egyptian Vulture, a globally endangered species © Lavrentis Sidiropoulos/ HOS

New decision in Greece a step forward toward combating illegal wildlife poisoning

A crucial step has recently been taken in Greece toward safeguarding threatened …

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following egyptian vulture sara

Sara and her family left their nest

Africa is calling! The record-breaking Egyptian Vulture Sara recently left her nest …

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Bearded Vulture Bavaria_auswahl

Recent GPS movements of the Bearded Vultures we track in Europe (August 2022)

The International Bearded Vulture Monitoring Network (IBM) monitors Bearded Vultures across seven different regions in Austria, …

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Body posture_WCA

Ambitious initiative boosts capacities in 13 countries to effectively prosecute wildlife crime

More than 30 professionals from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa …

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The Egyptian Vulture chicks were safely placed back in their nests after eight days © WWF Greece

How did the massive fire in Dadia, Greece, impact key vulture colonies?

Over the summer, one of the most important protected areas in Greece, …

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The first Spanish Griffon Vultures were recently released in Cyprus!

Releasing the first Spanish Griffon Vultures in Cyprus

The LIFE with Vultures project team has successfully released 15 Griffon Vultures …

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Griffon Vulture in Sardinia feeding_LIFE Safe for Vultures

International workshop on supplementary feeding stations for vultures in Sardinia

The international workshop on supplementary feeding stations for vultures in Sardinia is …

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