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Come and meet the VCF at this weekend´s FIO (International Birdwatching Fair) (Monfrague, Spain)

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The 10th FIO will be held in Monfragüe National Park (Extremadura, Spain), from today until Sunday. This birdwatching fair, the oldest of its kind in Spain, and one of the highlights of the birding calendar in southern Europe, congregates thousands of birdwatchers and nature lovers in the heart of one of the most spectacular natural sites in the Iberian peninsula, home of Imperial eagles, vultures and other threatened wildlife. This year the FIO will have almost 100 stands showing the work and the activities of NGOs, government and commercial companies working on the birdwatching sector from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Holland, Serbia, Chile, India and US. The FIO is organized by the Junta de Extremadura, and combines a commercial fair format with ornithological exchanges and talks, promotion of conservation projects, workshops, photo contests, guided tours and activities for children.

The VCF will be present at this important event, with a talk about the vulture reintroduction projects in Europe and the relevance of the collaboration of Extremadura (Spain) for those, that will take place on Sunday at 11.30am.

The complete program can be found at


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