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Consultancy opportunity for Ecosystem Services Expert

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Vulture Conservation Fundation is looking for a consultant to develop four studies to quantify the contribution of Vultures to the ecosystem services in three LIFE project study areas and at the European scale. It is a full remote work with a one year long contract.


The Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) is a leading international foundation committed to the conservation and re-establishment of European vultures. The VCF has extensive experience in captive breeding, reintroduction, restocking and conservation of vultures in their natural habitats. These four studies will contribute to improving the understanding of the benefits of the vulture species for the functioning of ecosystems and human well-being, from the local to the European scale. The results will help raise the profile of vultures among the public, stakeholders, and decision-makers, thus strengthening support for ongoing and future conservation actions across Europe.  


The project will use quantitative and qualitative methods to assess the contribution of Cinereous Vultures and/or Griffon Vultures on ecosystem services at the current, end-of-project, and target population sizes at the ‘local level’ in three study areas and at the ‘European level’. The ecosystem services will be assessed in accordance with the MAES Framework (Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services).

For each study area, the hired expert will develop a conceptual model demonstrating how each target Vulture populations interact with the local environment and human activities, and how these interactions could potentially contribute to local ecosystem services and human well-being, were their populations fully restored.

  • Budget: Max. 15 000 euros, all costs and taxes included  
  • Place of work: Remote  
  • Duration: One year from the beginning of the contract (deadlines detailed below)  
  • Expected start date: 1st August 2024 
  • Deadline for application: Sunday, 21 July 2024 at 23:59 CET. Applications received after the closing date will be automatically discarded. 

Check out the full job description

How to apply

nterested experts should submit their detailed proposals through this Google form. The proposal should include: 

  • Cover letter with description of experience on the assessment of ecosystem services 
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Budget  
  • Portfolio including authored reports or papers on similar topics 

Submission deadline: 21st July 2024 

Contact for more information: João Guilherme – 

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