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  • Dr Patricia Mateo-Tomás, a specialist in vulture and human connections, is our latest keynote speaker at the European Vulture Conference

Dr Patricia Mateo-Tomás, a specialist in vulture and human connections, is our latest keynote speaker at the European Vulture Conference

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The European Vulture Conference will be Europe’s largest gathering of vulture conservationists and researchers from Europe and beyond, in the beautiful region of Algarve, Portugal, for the first four days of October. World-leading vulture conservation experts will be sharing some of the latest research in the field.

We are excited to announce another recently confirmed keynote speaker, Dr Patricia Mateo-Tomás, who specialises in vertebrate scavengers, with a focus on how human activities impact these species and communities.

Contribution to the conference

At the European Vulture Conference, Dr Mateo-Tomás will share her insights into the human and social aspects of vulture ecology and conservation and the different methods she uses to investigate various topics on the subject. 

Dr Mateo-Tomás’ keynote presentation will focus on her recent works regarding the effects of sanitary regulations on scavenger feeding ecology and how this relates to public health. She researches this topic alongside colleagues from other European countries where they also analyse the interrelations with the perceptions of farmers about scavengers. 

Dr Mateo-Tomás will also facilitate discussions alongside other experts and audience members during the participatory seminar, “Human aspects of vulture conservation: ecosystem services; social perceptions; promoting positive change.”

Research focus

Dr Mateo-Tomás is a conservation biologist experienced in vertebrate scavengers, with particular attention to the impacts of human activities such as farming and hunting on these species and communities. Dr Mateo-Tomás aims to inform the management and conservation of scavengers using multidisciplinary approaches to, for example, improve the implementation and compliance with regulations and understand the attitudes, perceptions and motivations of different stakeholders. 

Professional background

Dr Mateo-Tomás currently works at the Biodiversity Research Unit (UO-CSIC-PA), Oviedo University, in Mieres, Spain, and the Centre for Functional Ecology (CFE), Coimbra University, in Portugal. As a member of the IUCN Vulture Specialist Group, she collaborates with environmental authorities (e.g. Asturias regional government in Spain) and NGOs (e.g. Palombar in Portugal, GREFA in Spain) to advise specific actions such as the implementation of regulations on carrion disposal for conservation purposes, or the launching of a sentinel network against illegal poisoning.

The European Vulture Conference

1-4 October 

Algarve, Portugal 

For four days in October, we will be bringing together scientists, conservationists and the public in the Algarve, Portugal for an international congress looking at the latest research and conservation of vultures in Europe and beyond, in our first European Vulture Conference. On the last day of the conference, we will venture out and explore the local nature. The Algarve is known for its wetlands, woodlands and other habitats that are rich in biodiversity, so get ready for a fantastic day out in nature!

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