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The Egyptian vulture is Europe´s most threatened vulture – globally it is considered as Endangered, and some populations, particularly in the east of Europe, are still declining and may even go extinct. The species is threatened by poisoning, electrocution on dangerous powerlines, direct persecution and nest robbery, and disturbance during breeding.

Egyptian vultures are also the only regular long distance migratory vulture in Europe, so any efforts to protect this species needs to include a multi-national and multi-institutional collaboration.

The VCF and its partners have been leading several projects in Europe focussing on the conservation of this species – like the LIFE RUPIS project, or the international approaches to vulture conservation at global scale – like the Vulture Multi-species Action Plan, recently approved by the Convention for Migratory Species.

Among the projects in Europe trying to change the status of this species, the LIFE Neophron returns, in which the VCF has also collaborated, worked hard to halt the decline of the Egyptian vulture population in the Balkans (Albania, Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria), and this project is now candidate to receive the 2018 European Natura 2000 Award – if you give your vote!

Vote for Egyptian vulture here: 

Photo Bruno Berthemy/VCF

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