Egyptian Vulture Tizón continues to surprise us with his movements

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Tizón in NP Monfragüe – picture taken in 2018 (c) Ángel Sanchez

Do you remember the Egyptian Vulture Tizón? When he was two years old, Tizón was found disoriented and suffering malnutrition in Extremadura in August 2014. AMUS (a local nature conservation NGO) rescued him, and after a short period of rehabilitation, he was released on the 24 September in the Sierra de Hornachos. Ahead of his release, we equipped him with a satellite transmitter together with the Junta de Extremadura (the regional government) and AMUS. Since his release, he continued to surprise us time and time again with his incredible adventures! Let’s see what he’s been up to lately.

Tizón’s latest adventures

Tizón’s movements from March to August 2019, from his wintering place

It’s already been seven years since Tizon’s first flight, and since then, he kept surprising us with his fascinating movements. This year, he spent winter and spring in Mali, and a part of the summer passing between the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar eight times! From 18 March until 13 August 2019, he returned from his wintering grounds and then began to move towards the south of the Sahara. In March, April, June, July and August, he crossed over to the Iberian Peninsula, practically exploring the entire region! It seems that he did not speak French and turned away from the Pyrenees, arriving at the west coast of Galicia, and touring the entire Levante. But his favourite places are Mali (wintering area) and the Arribes del Duero. His travelling capacity is truly impressive!

Tizón detailed movements in the Iberian Peninsula, and the eight times he crossed the Strait during the spring season of 2019.

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