Happy New Year Tizón!

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Tizón – the Egyptian vulture tagged on the 24th September in Extremadura, Spain – spent New Year´s eve on the border between Senegal and Mali.

Tizón carries a tag, set up by the Junta de Extremadura, AMUS and the VCF, and was released in the Sierra de Hornachos following a short period of rehabilitation after it was found disoriented and suffering malnutrition last August. The Egyptian Vulture is globally endangered species, and Spain is one of its strongholds – between 1300 and 1500 pairs breed there, of which 170 in Extremadura.

Tizón has quickly migrated through Morocco and Mauritania but then spent several weeks in October on the Mauritania-Mali border. He has then toured around, almost reaching Bamako, Mali´s capital, and also flew east, into Burkina Faso, before returning west into Senegal. It has now returned east and is on the Senegal-Mali border.

To be continued!

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