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  • Happy New Year from the VCF – thank you for your support during 2016

Happy New Year from the VCF – thank you for your support during 2016

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Soon the team here at VCF will switch off their computers and will join millions of other people celebrating the end of the year, and the start of another one.

2016 was not a great year for our fragile world or Mankind – the ominous threats of war and terrorism, nepotism and intolerance, climate change and the biodiversity crisis affected billions of human beings, and so we wish deeply that 2017 will bring better things to this gentle planet and our species.

The last year was a great year for the VCF though. Involved in 7 LIFE projects across Europe with the 4 European vulture species, leading many continent-wide processes related with vulture conservation, the VCF has contributed in a significant  way to make Europe the only good news in terms of vulture conservation in the Old World. With African and Asian vultures collapsing, Europe is really the reservoir and the hope for old world´s vultures, with three species doing well and expanding range and populations.

We did this with your help and support – the VCF is much more that the small team of 6 that work hard every single day. The VCF is also you – the individuals and the organisations that work with us, that fund our work, that survey and count vultures in the field, that lobby governments and local authorities for vultures, that contribute to our website and Facebook page. All together for vultures!

Thank you!

Happy New year, and we will be here to do better in 2017

José, Alex, Franziska, Jovan, Alice & David

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