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Join us in Serbia for the Balkan Vulture Anti-Poisoning Workshop in April 2019

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As part of our Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project we are bringing a wide range of audiences together to discuss the practice of illegal wildlife poisoning, how conservation projects are working to protect vultures against this issue on the Balkan Peninsula and future directions to tackle this illegal poisoning, the single largest barrier to vultures making a comeback in the region. 

The Balkan Vulture Anti-Poisoning Workshop will take place between  Monday 8 April 8am and Wednesday 10 April 2019 3pm

Registration is essential and opens from today, Friday 21 December, and closes on Thursday 31 January. 

Balkan Vulture Anti-Poisoning Workshop registration page 

This workshop is being co-hosted in Serbia by Special Nature reserve Uvac, Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia/BirdLife Serbia and Birds of Prey Protection Foundation and other organisations from Serbia, to be confirmed soon. 

Workshop details 

Over the course of three days the workshop will focus on the practice of illegal wildlife poisoning on the Balkan Peninsula.

Day one – over three sessions participants will get 

  • an overview of the vulture population status on the Balkan Peninsula,
  • review current anti-poisoning actions in the region delivered through LIFE funded conservation projects 
  • find out more about the multi-stakeholder approach the Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project is taking to tackle the issue of poisoning through the draft National Road Maps from each of the partner countries
  • discuss and share knowledge and best practice

Day two – will feature a training course led by Spanish authorities and officials based on their best practices in the work tackling poisoning. 

Day three – participants will join Field trips to Special Nature Reserve Uvac and visit the Griffon Vulture colonies. 

Workshop objectives

Participants joining us for the Balkan Vulture Anti-Poisoning Workshop will

  • Review of current status of the vulture populations on the Balkan Peninsula
  • Gain an understand of the current projects and initiatives that are tackling wildlife poisoning in the region
  • Develop and gain skills and knowledge in the practices, procedures and theory of anti-poison work 
  • Networking and sharing best practices with conservation professionals and colleagues from the Balkan region and beyond

This Workshop is targeting wildlife conservation organisations, governmental organisations and individuals working in the Balkan region dealing with the issue of illegal wildlife poisoning. Spaces are limited and priority will be given to those attending from the Balkan region, however, we encourage colleagues from elsewhere to register their interest in attending the workshop. 

Registrations are now open and will close on Thursday 31 January. The organising committee made up of Uroš Pantović, Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project Officer, Jovan Andevski, Vulture Programmes Manager, and Dean Veall, Communications Officer, will review registrations and confirm successful registrations by mid-February. 

A detailed agenda and more details about the  Balkan Vulture Anti-Poisoning Workshop will follow shortly. 

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