Fighting illegal poisoning in Europe with LIFE

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Front cover of LIFE and Wildlife Crime publication featuring a anti-poisoning dog unit
Anti-poisoning dog unit established on Portuguese side of the Douro canyon through LIFE Rupis

Illegal poisoning is the single biggest threat to vultures not only in Europe but across the globe. Many of the conservation projects  we are partners on are funded by the European Union’s LIFE programme and tackle this threat and is highlighted in new publication published recently by the European Commission’s Environment Directorate-General,  LIFE & Wildlife Crime.

Wildlife Crime

After habitat degradation and loss, wildlife crime such as illegal killing, trading and destruction of protected habitat is the biggest threat to biodiversity in the European Union. In LIFE & Wildlife Crime ,lessons learnt and best practice are drawn from a wide range of LIFE projects to illustrate the amazing work of conservationists to deliver the EU Roadmap towards eliminating the illegal killing, trapping and trade of birds. 

Fighting illegal poisoning

Over the last month we have reported the news of several illegal poisoning incidents from the death of Durzon in France to the three Griffon vultures in Greece

Here at the Vulture Conservation Foundation we are committed to fighting illegal poisoning and through our LIFE projects, Rupis, GypHelp, GypConnect, Re-Vultures and Vultures Back to LIFE, we are aiming to prevent vulture deaths from this silent killer across Europe. We support our partners through monitoring and data collection of incidents of poisoning, sharing and exchanging best practice in toxicological identification techniques and protocols, supporting law enforcement teams with the creation of anti-poisoning dog units and raising awareness amongst farmers and hunters of the risk posed to wildlife and the penalties of using poisons.  

As well as our EU LIFE funded projects we have also been supporting wildlife charities and governments in five Balkan countries (Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia and Albania) to develop national roadmaps to stop poisoning of vultures and other wildlife, funded by the Mava Foundation.

The LIFE & Wildlife Crime is a useful read to help understand the current work to tackle wildlife crime including illegal poisoning. 

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