Migration time – Egyptian vultures on the move!

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Following Faia and Douro, Egyptian vulture Bruçó – one of the 5 captured and tagged in the Douro valley as part of our LIFE RUPIS project, is also on the move south, and spent its first night on the fall migration near Mérida, in Spanish Extremadura (see map).

On the other hand, Apollo, the one of the 4 captive-bred Egyptian vultures released in August in Southern Italy, and the only one that was finally let free (one died and the other two had to be recaptured), has also moved south and crossed from peninsular Italy to Sicily through the Strait of Messina (see maps).

It is peak migration time for Europe´s Egyptian vultures – last week alone a staggering 776 passed the Gibraltar strait to Africa last week, according to the migration tally published by Fundación Migres, who does a comprehensive monitoring of the migration at that migration bottleneck – interestingly, 6 Ruppel’s´ vultures also passed south last week (see table).

Photo: CERM

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