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New species for the Netherlands –  the bearded vulture!

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Following a request from the Dutch Birding Association, Franziska Lörcher from the VCF gave a presentation about the Bearded Vulture in Europe, including details about the captive-breeding programme and the reintroduction projects, and the movements that some young Bearded Vultures do around northern Europe (like Schils, a bearded vulture released in the Alps and recovered in Holland). This invitation was a direct result on the fantastic international cooperation established for the returning of Schils in June 2015 (see here).

Franziska made a real impression with her talk, not only about her deep knowledge of Bearded Vultures, but also showing all the work the VCF and its partners do for Bearded Vulture conservation in Europe.

As a result, the Dutch Birding Association will use the information conveyed to review the official status of Bearded Vultures on the official Dutch Avifauna List. The species has, until now, been regarded as being either escaped or reintroduced, but after a seemingly wild Bearded Vulture showed up in the Netherlands on May 5th 2015, an article (Pohlmann et al, not yet published) was written on the species, advocating for inclusion of the species into the Dutch list. The status is now under review, and the information Franziska supplied was an excellent contribution.

Also the talk had a very positive effect on the knowledge of Dutch birders on Bearded Vultures and all the work being put to restore this species across Europe

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