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Spanish bearded vulture researcher gets prize from University of Berne

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The 2013 Prize for Environmental Research was awarded to Dr. Antoni Margalida, for his dissertation on the population of Bearded Vultures in Europe. For over 20 years, Antoni Margalida has researched, monitored, documented and helped contribute to the conservation of Europe’s Bearded Vultures. Margalida´s commitment and passion for this species has been a powerful force for the protection and study of the Bearded Vulture population in the Pyrenees, and also the successful project to reintroduce bearded vultures in the Alps.

Bearded vultures have been slowly increasing in the Pyrenees, and have been reintroduced into the Alps (in an ongoing project led by the VCF – 30 pairs in 2013), in one of the most celebrated wildlife comeback in Europe. The VCF aim is to reconnect these two populations, and thus we are collaborating in a reintroduction project in the Cevénnes-French Massif central, with the objective to try to promote movements and genetic flow between the Pyrenean and the Alpine populations.

For more information about the Prize for Environmental Research visit http://www.ufp.unibe.ch/

Antoni Margalida (far left) receiving the prize at the University of Berne (photo U. of Berne)

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