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Tag: 2024-04

Griffon Vulture Arricelli crosses sea from Sardinia to Sicily

Griffon Vulture crosses 373 km over the sea from Sardinia to Sicily

Arricelli makes it to Sicily – The young Sardinian Griffon Vulture, released ...
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Cinereous Vulture pair in Bulgaria © Green Balkans

GPS transmitters give us a glimpse inside two Cinereous Vulture nests in Bulgaria

In the animal kingdom, parenting roles can vary greatly among species. What ...
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Egyptian Vulture Juanita released in Italy dies from electrocution in Italy

Why do vultures and other large migratory birds die?

A new study confirms the negative impact of humans on large migratory ...
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Transfer of 21 birds boosts Griffon Vulture repopulation efforts in Southern Sardinia

In recent days, a further 21 Griffon Vultures have arrived in Porto ...
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Portuguese and Spanish work teams at Herdade da Contenda ©VCF

Transboundary cooperation to protect the Cinereous Vulture breeding colony at Herdade da Contenda, southern Portugal

In a collaborative effort, the LIFE Aegypius Return project promotes cooperation between ...
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why are vultures important

Record numbers of Cinereous Vulture and Griffon Vulture pairs observed in Bulgaria since conservation efforts began

Exciting news for vultures continues in Bulgaria, with a record number of ...
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