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Tag: 2024-05

international wildlife crime conference group photo

International conference on wildlife crime in Cyprus

The crime against wildlife poses a significant threat to biodiversity. Poisoning, illegal ...
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Cinereous Vulture Tewes in Italy © Bruno Zuliani

Tewes the Cinereous Vulture globe-trotter

The four-year-old Cinereous Vulture Tewes keeps surprising scientists and nature enthusiasts with ...
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Save the Date: The Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2024 and LIFE GYPRESCUE Seminar in Corsica

Save the date: The Annual Bearded Vulture Meeting 2024 and LIFE GYPRESCUE Seminar in Corsica

As the Bearded Vultures prepare for a new breeding season this November, ...
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Griffon Vulture pair by Rob Davies

A Visual journey through the Cork Oak Savannas shows the special Vulture habitats in Portugal and Spain 

Step into a world where the whispers of cork oaks mingle with ...
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An unknown Bearded Vulture that visited the Melchsee-Frutt release site in the Swiss Alps in 2023 turned out to be Flysch-Vigo following genetic analysis © Franziska Lörcher / VCF

No longer missing: Bearded Vulture Flysch-Vigo identified again four years after her UK visit

DNA analysis of feathers has once again identified the famed Bearded Vulture ...
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One month later: how the newly released Griffon Vultures are doing in southern Sardinia

After the release of 15 young Griffon Vultures from the Villasalto acclimatization ...
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First releases of 2024 of Bearded Vultures in Southern France Baronnies © Pascal Orabi - LPO

First releases of captive-bred Bearded Vultures in Europe kick off in Southern France 

The release of captive-bred Bearded Vultures into the wild in Baronnies, France, ...
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Griffon Vultures perching on a tree © LIFE SUPport

Best practices for EU sanitary regulations to benefit vultures

As apex scavengers, vultures require proper EU sanitary regulations to access safe, ...
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Electricity poles cause vulture electrocution in Cyprus 2024

Electricity poles in Cyprus become serial killers of the threatened Griffon Vulture

In a troubling repeat incident, electrocution has claimed the lives of two ...
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ictures catalogue of all released and appearing Cinereous Vultures in EBM in summer and late 2023, including some guests from other colonies.

Report 2022-2023: Cinereous Vulture Reintroduction in the Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria

How did we reintroduce the Cinereous Vultures to Bulgaria? What are the ...
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