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Tag: Bearded Vulture LIFE

Cinereous Vulture Tewes in Italy © Bruno Zuliani

Tewes the Cinereous Vulture globe-trotter

The four-year-old Cinereous Vulture Tewes keeps surprising scientists and nature enthusiasts with ...
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ictures catalogue of all released and appearing Cinereous Vultures in EBM in summer and late 2023, including some guests from other colonies.

Report 2022-2023: Cinereous Vulture Reintroduction in the Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria

How did we reintroduce the Cinereous Vultures to Bulgaria? What are the ...
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Cinereous Vulture pair in Bulgaria © Green Balkans

GPS transmitters give us a glimpse inside two Cinereous Vulture nests in Bulgaria

In the animal kingdom, parenting roles can vary greatly among species. What ...
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why are vultures important

Record numbers of Cinereous Vulture and Griffon Vulture pairs observed in Bulgaria since conservation efforts began

Exciting news for vultures continues in Bulgaria, with a record number of ...
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Cinereous Vulture parent and chick Bulgaria

It looks like Cinereous Vulture chicks will hatch again in Bulgaria

In an exciting start to the 2024 season, two pairs of Cinereous ...
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bearded vulture

“Life for the Bearded Vulture”: new project to bring the species back from extinction in Bulgaria

A new LIFE project will bring the Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) back ...
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