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Goodbye, Winnie. One of the first Bearded Vultures released in the Alps died 

A sad loss for the Bearded Vulture Captive Breeding Network (Bearded Vulture …

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bearded vulture released in france, life gypact

LIFE GypAct: the first four captive-bred Bearded Vultures arrived in France 

After the first releases of this breeding season in Andalusia, four young …

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poisoned Buzzard bearded vulture mojo netherlands necropsy Photo added for size comparison.

Necropsy unveils life and death of wild Bearded Vulture Mojo, killed by train in the Netherlands

Mojo, a female Bearded Vulture from the French Alps, made headlines when …

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Bearded Vulture Carcass of Bearded Vulture killed in the Netherlands by train 3

Bearded Vulture Mojo killed today in the Netherlands by a train

Mojo, the first ever wild-hatched Bearded Vulture observed in the Netherlands, was …

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A Bearded Vulture nestling © Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Four Bearded Vulture chicks hatched in Austria: the first chick in East-Tyrol in 100 years

In Austria, there are good reasons to celebrate Bearded Vulture conservation. The …

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Young Bearded Vulture in flight_Nello Petito

Pyrenees and Alps: 99 Bearded Vultures fledged in 2022

The 2021/22 breeding season was very successful, as 99 juvenile Bearded Vultures …

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Juvenille Bearded Vulture in flight/ Illustrative by @platinfisch

New record of Bearded Vulture fledglings achieved in the Alps

This breeding season saw a new record of Bearded Vulture fledglings taking …

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Bearded Vultures released in the Bavarian Alps for the second time

Since last year, more than 140 years since their extinction, Bearded Vultures …

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Bearded Vulture Wally photographed in flight © @auswahl/ Instagram

Missing Bearded Vulture Wally found dead

Sad news from the Bearded Vulture reintroduction efforts in the Bavarian Alps: …

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link card Bearded Vulture Donna Elvira swiss alps

Reintroduced Bearded Vulture recaptured badly injured in the Swiss Alps

Unfortunately, the Bearded Vulture Donna Elvira reintroduced in the Swiss Alps collided …

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Bearded Vulture Conservation 2021

Highlights 2021: Bearded Vulture conservation

2021 was a challenging year for all of us, but our work …

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Bearded Vultures in Europe

In 2021 we released 24 Bearded Vultures in Europe as part of reintroduction and restocking projects

In the late 20th Century, Bearded Vultures in Europe were on the brink of …

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Bearded Vultures in the Alps juvenile illustrative

Bearded Vultures in the Alps break their record once again, producing the highest-ever known number of fledglings

Bearded Vultures in the Alps have been extra busy this breeding season. …

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Alpine Bearded Vultures pairs have already produced several chicks during this breeding season

Bearded Vulture pairs in Europe are currently extra busy with their parental …

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