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Spanish Griffon Vultures arrived in Sardinia, in the quarantine aviary 

Restocking the Griffon Vulture guild in Sardinia: 12 juveniles from Spain have just arrived

Last week, 12 Griffon Vultures that hatched in the wild in Spain …

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griffon vulture released in Sardinia - 2022 - forestas - Mauro Sanna

Two captive-bred Griffon Vultures from Holland released in Sardinia

Two Griffon Vultures (Gyps fulvus) raised in captivity in Holland were recently …

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Releasing Griffon Vultures i n June 2018 at Monte Minerva, Sardinia, as part of restocking efforts © LIFE Under Griffon Wings

Griffon Vulture restocking in Sardinia: How an international collaboration helps reinforce the local population

The Griffon Vulture in Sardinia has undoubtedly made a remarkable recovery thanks to international …

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LIFE Safe for Vultures An older Griffon Vulture pair inaugurates the new breeding season in Sardinia linkcard

An elder Griffon Vulture pair inaugurates the breeding season in Sardinia

The new Griffon Vulture breeding season in Sardinia is off to a …

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Latest survey demonstrates population boom for the Griffon Vulture in Sardinia

The population of the Griffon Vulture in Sardinia is booming according to …

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