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The bearded vulture breeding season has just started!

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During the lasts weeks almost all pairs of bearded vultures in the EEP (ex-situ European Endangered Species breeding programme) have started to show breeding activity. The birds are very excited, with a lot of interaction between the partners. At the moment they can be observed copulating up to 20 times a day. Further they are transporting nest-material, like branches and sheepwool, into their nests, to have a comfortable place for the egg and the nestling. The picture shows an adult bird flying to the nest with sheep wool in his beak.

We hope to increase the number of breeding pairs, and therefor the number of fledglings, during this season. Maybe some new pairs, like those from Green Balkans, Torreferrussa, Walsrode or Richard Faust center, will start to breed and reproduce successfully. Good Luck to them!

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