Tizón has been enjoying Mali

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After crossing the Sahara desert over Mauritania, Tizón seems to be enjoying his time in Mali – ever since he arrived to the Mauritania-Mali border on the 10th October, he has not moved much – today he was only about 50km south of the border.

Tizón has been tagged ever since being released on the 24th September in the Sierra de Hornachos (Extremadura, Spain), because it is carrying a GSM tag. The young Egyptian Vulture had been found in August disoriented and suffering malnutrition, and after rehabilitation was released with by the Junta de Extremadura, AMUS and the VCF. The Egyptian Vulture is globally Endangered, and Spain is one of its strongholds.

Following some quick progress over the Straits of Gibraltar, Morocco and across the Sahara, Tizón is now more sedentary – has he finished his southward migration, or will he continue later? To be continued…

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