Tizón is back in Europe!

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After spending almost two years in Africa, Tizón – the young Egyptian vulture tagged in September 2014 in Spain – started recently his first trip north to the old continent, and just crossed the Gibraltar strait.

He has been spending most of his time in southern Mauritania -westernmost Mali (see the map), but was last reported from the European side of the strait.

Tizón- a young Egyptian vulture born in Iberia in 2014 – was found disoriented and suffering malnutrition in Extremadura the same year, and after a short period of rehabilitation was released on the 24th September 2014 in the Sierra de Hornachos with a tag, set up by the Junta de Extremadura (the regional government), AMUS (a local nature conservation NGO) and the VCF.

Tizón quickly migrated through Morocco and crossed the desert through Mauritania but then spent a few weeks in October last year on the Mauritania-Mali border. He then embarked on a long trip, first going south (almost reaching Bamako, Mali´s capital), then flying East into Burkina Faso, before returning west to the Mali-Mauritania border, continuing all the way west into Senegal, before making a U-turn back to western Mali.

Juvenile Egyptian vultures often stay one or two years in Africa before their first migration back north.

Stay tuned for more developments…

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