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VCF´s Jovan Andevski talks about Vultures to the Macedonian TV

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The VCF coordinator for the Balkan Vulture Action Plan, Jovan Andevski, talks about vultures, and the challenges they face in the Balkans, to the Macedonian TV.  You can listen to his interview (in Macedonian) here

The Balkan Vulture Action Plan is a coordinated strategy and action plan for the protection and recovery of vulture populations in the Balkan Peninsula, led by the VCF. Over the last 10 years, the BVAP has funded projects, connected partners, collected data, developed regional projects, and promoted and disseminated vulture conservation across the region. Last year the VCF published a booklet summarising 10 years of research and conservation of vultures in the Balkans, which you can download below.

For this year, the VCF is fundraising for a new anti-poisoning regional project – poison is still the biggest threat to vultures in this part of the world.

Vulture Conservation in the Balkan Peninsula – 10 years of research and conservation
BVAP – 10 years of research and conserva
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.4 MB

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