Bearded vultures featured in Le Monde

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The reintroduction of the bearded vulture in the Alps – one of the most successful wildlife comeback stories of our times – has been featured in a full-length article in the main stream French newspaper Le Monde.

Last year was another record-breaking year for this growing population, with a total of 47 territories, 42 breeding pairs and 31 fledglings – 30 years after the first reintroduction, and 20 years after the first breeding in the wild, the species is now restored across the Alpine range, and the populations still growing.

The VCF and its many local partners are still releasing birds, mostly with two objectives – improve the genetic variability of the wild population (that comes only from a relatively reduced number of founder captive birds) and promote the connection between the Alpine population and the Pyrenean one, but promoting the recolonization of the westernmost pre-alpine ranges (Vercors & Baronnies), and beyond that of the Grands Causses within the LIFE GYPCONNECT project.

Bearded vultures in captivity and in the wild are now busy laying and incubating their eggs – about 30 eggs have already been laid in the VCF-managed captive breeding network. Let us hope for a good breeding season this year!

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