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New vulture book for children (in German) – Geier Georg auf der Flucht

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A new book for children on vultures, written by Rainer Nahrendorf, was published some weeks ago. “Vulture Georg on the run” is the story of cinereous vulture Georg. Georg lived in captivity in Germany, together with other cinereous and griffon vultures. One day he escaped and nearly starved, but he was finally saved by vulture friends in Mallorca, where he lived in the wild for several years, together with his partner Lucia, until their tragic end.

Author Rainer Nahrendorf is a German national. He studied political sciences and worked in several fields, including as chief editor of a German newspaper. He published several books on different topics, including about bats and a mouse fairy tale.

The book gives some general information about vultures and their conservation, a list of QR codes to access further information about vultures, as well as small features on vulture conservationists and organisations who work for the protection of vultures, including the VCF.

The book is for now only available in German and can be ordered in paperback or eBook here and here>> 

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