Egyptian vultures are starting to hatch in Douro

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The LIFE RUPIS teams continue to monitor the breeding Egyptian vultures in the Douro canyon – with 115+ pairs, this is one of the densest populations in the Iberian Peninsula, and Portugal’s remaining stronghold for the species. This week they saw the first hatchlings – like the one in the photo, a 10-15 days old baby Egyptian vulture in a nest on the Portuguese side of the canyon.

The Egyptian vulture is Europe’s most threatened vulture species – classified as “Endangered” at global level. While the three others European vulture species are registering positive trends across Europe, Egyptian vultures still continue to decline.

With the LIFE RUPIS project we are working hard to strength the populations of Egyptian Vulture in Douro International valley, through improved breeding success and reduction of mortality, due to a series of activities being carried out to tackle the most important threats to Egyptian vultures, namely food shortages, degradation of the habitat, electrocution risk and Illegal use of poison.

Please see for more information on the project.

Photos: António Monteiro & Bruno Berthémy

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