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Halloween at Parc des Oiseaux with bearded vultures!

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Parc des Oiseaux is one of the newest partners in the bearded vulture captive breeding network – a fantastic collaborative effort between 40 + institutions, ranging from specialized bearded vulture captive breeding centres to zoos and animal parks, which is at the base of the successful bearded vulture reintroduction projects that are restoring the populations of this species across its former range. The VCF coordinates the whole process, providing technical support, transporting birds across the network, trying to maximise the establishment of new pairs, improving the husbandry, reducing mortality, and improving breeding productivity.

Parc des Oiseaux – France´s best bird park – entered the network this year, after building a wonderful aviary (see photos) where one young bearded vulture female is currently housed – they will receive a young pair next year. There you can read about the bearded vulture reintroduction project in the Alps.

From this weekend till the end of the month they have a full programme of activities to celebrate Halloween, where the bearded vulture I a central theme. There are workshops for the kids, a drawing competition, and you can even build there your bearded vulture mobile!

If you live in the Lyon-Geneva area, please stop by – they are open 7 days a week. More information at

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