New book about raptors (and vultures) in Italy

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A new book about Raptors in Italy (Rapaci italiani – written in Italian) has just been published. The book, edited by Federico Cauli and Fulvio Genero (which is in the VCF advisory board), includes different chapters written by the most important Italian raptor biologists, and will surely become another classic in the Italian ornithological literature. As Miguel D. Saggese (President of the Raptor Research Foundation) wrote in the preface, “the fact that a diverse group of Italian ornithologists with expertise in raptors have come together to write this book with the most advanced and current technical information while at the same time offered in an easy to read and attractive format is an major step forward for the better understanding and conservation of birds of prey in Italy”. Combining an attractive and exquisite design with the latest details on the ecology, threats and conservation of raptors, the book is a must.  

The 25 species of raptors breeding in Italy (including three vulture species – bearded, griffon and Egyptian vultures) are described in detail with specific sheets. Other chapters are dedicated to the other species, and the conservation projects in Italy.

The book has 448 pages and is accompanied by 215 pictures, 90 drawings, identification planks and updated distribution maps.

The book can be purchased from:

Edizioni Belvedere

Via Monte Rosa, 34 – 04100 Latina (Italy)

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