The VCF wishes you a Merry Xmas!

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Now that we are all preparing to spend one of the longest nights of the year (in the  northern hemisphere, that is!) in the warmth of family homes, full of lights, joy and food, bearded vultures across mountain ranges are sitting on eggs, high up in  their nests, in the dark, undergoing sub-zero temperatures without a flick. Griffon vultures are also starting to nest in the canyons across the continent. Egyptian vultures are roaming the hot and dry desert habitats of Africa and the Middle East, searching for food and looking forward to return to Europe next Spring. And the Cinereous Vultures throughout Eurasia are also looking forward to spring and to find the perfect tree, for the perfect nest.

Sparing a thought for the beauty of vultures – and taking action on them every day, is what we do – with your support. All together for vultures!

We are now planning to break off for some well-deserved short holiday – not before thanking you for your help and support, and assuring all that we will continue to spare a thought for bearded vultures – or for Poiares, the female Egyptian vulture breeding in the Douro that will spend Xmas 2017 on the Senegal-Mali border.

The VCF teams wishes you a Merry Xmas!

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